Dear Tea Customers and Friends,

 With considerable thought and great sadness, I have decided to temporarily close the dining room portion of my business in Delphi.  My web page will remain open, where purchases of teas, supplies and other merchandise can be arranged.  Please contact me at for information regarding items and prices.  I will have inventory listed, with pictures, soon. 

To all who share my fondness for the "tea room" experience, and to everyone who helped make my dream such a success, I remain deeply grateful.
Enjoy steeped to order teas!Step back to a time of simple pleasures and small-town charm…where good conversation over a fine cup of tea was something to savor. Experience the refinement of an earlier era as you enjoy our expertly prepared loose-leaf teas, custom-roasted coffee and delicious food.
We are very thankful to guests who have made Beyond My Garden Gate Tea Room a popular new destination! Due to demand, we kindly urge you to make reservations, no matter how many are in your party.

Never visited a tea room? Please allow us to give you a few tips...
Beyond My Garden Gate Tea Room


Located on the east side of the Courthouse Square Historic District in Delphi, Indiana, Beyond My Garden Gate Tea Room resides at street level in the Delphi Opera House. Built in 1864, this grand building is steeped in history and is now in the midst of an extensive restoration.

enjoy a cup of tea with usInside the Tea Room, you’ll find delightfully appointed surroundings, perfect for 
private parties, meetings and luncheons...or just a relaxing afternoon with friends.

Never visited a tea room? Please allow us to share a little bit about what to expect and share a few etiquette tips that will help you make the most of your visit and also ensure a pleasant experience for all.

As valued guests, we look forward to creating a relaxing, refreshing experience – an oasis from today’s busy life.

We can’t rush a good thing…

All of our food is prepared by hand and fresh to order. In other words, we don’t serve you from trays of food prepared beforehand. This is part of our commitment to treat you as an honored guest. By the same token, most of our teas are steeped to order. Depending on the type of tea, optimum steeping time can be as long as 12 minutes. So sit back and relax, enjoy some good conversation with friends or family…and let us give you the royal treatment.

Good manners for children…
The tearoom can be an opportunity to practice great manners in a mature and calm space. We strive to create a relaxing and peaceful experience for everyone. Therefore, we ask parents or grandparents give adequate attention to children in order to avoid disruptive behaviour and ensure that they remain seated.

Electronically speaking…
We promote a healthy break from today’s hi-wired environment. For that reason, we kindly request that cell/smartphone use be kept to a minimum, and that any conversation by cell phone be held at a quiet level, or outside when at all possible.

Thank you for making a visit to Beyond My Garden Gate Tea Room pleasant for all. We look forward to serving you again soon!